ABSOLUTE LABOTTEGA is a creative synergy between renowned hospitality player, La Bottega and trendsetting hospitality accessories designer/supplier, Absolute Lifestyle - collaborating to offer a bespoke approach with a distinctive style that is functional while differentiating yet complementing and enhancing.
Our combined strength enables a holistic approach that results in a seamless offering of exquisite products and accessories. We are further reinforced with a global sales team while our design team works closely with designers and clients ‘to realize what they imagined’.


Classic collection The symbol and the essence of elegance. It has a twist of nostalgia of lovely memories, with subtle stitched detail and contrast colors, an evergreen. Premium quality finishes synonymous of authentic Italian craftmanship.

Smithe collection is a natural born gentleman. It has a subtle geometrical detail with contrast stitched details to soften the shape. Still traditional with an innate classy look. Premium quality finishes synonymous of authentic Italian craftmanship.

Basil collection is inspired by Lucio Fontana’s artworks. The cuts and punctures that characterized his highly personal style was taken as our inspiration to experiment. Premium quality finishes are synonymous of authentic Italian craftmanship.




Gannon collection was inspired by the monumental block of marble from Carrara’s Query in Italy. Sturdy volumes in resin look like Carrara Marble.

Sutten collection was inspired by the simplicity of architectural lines with subtle round corners and recessed skirting to convey an idea of lightness.

Pebble collection The River Pebbles are usually found along the shores of large rivers and lakes. Our design is inspired by the flowing of the water. Over the rockS. Sleek design and velvety texture.

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