Argan Oil Extract

Argan Oil Extract


Imagine walking in a semi-desert place, where dry winds blow and the earth breaks due to the lack of water. This is where Argan plants grow. With wide and rounded crowns, dark  green and leathery leaves, gnarled trunks, these incredible trees survive the difficult conditions of the Souss plain, giving life to a precious fruit, whose oil has surprising properties.

Even today, Argan berries are harvested by the expert hands of Berber women, who extract oil in a traditional way, through a very ancient process.

Pure Argan oil is a rare and precious ingredient, a beauty ritual handed down for centuries for the care and rejuvenation of skin and hair.

Argan Oil Extract

Beneficial Properties

Extremely rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, Omega-6 and antioxidants, Argan oil has always been known for its nutritional and moisturizing properties. Nature, which often surprises us, has given us such precious fruit that it is often called “liquid gold”. In the inhospitable environment in which it grows, desert goats often climb over Argan trees, because its fruits are highly nutritious.

In cosmetics, Argan oil has already been used for a long time for the incomparable characteristics for hair and skin care. Its anti-aging properties, in addition to moisturizing the skin, help it to be more elastic, soft and to reduce the signs of aging.

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