Our made-to-measure Collections


We believe that every venue tells a story. If one listens very carefully, the heritage and the surrounding mood will speak to the inspired soul. At La Bottega, we are the storytellers that unveil such hidden tales and turn them into an intimate experience between a property and its guests.

An iconic name, an emblematic number, a special date, a treasured memory, a faded picture: the sky is the limit when it comes to evoking emotions to creating a compelling scent, a bespoke packaging and a unique mood. In-room amenities, especially the cosmetic ones, are bound to create the most intimate and sensorial experience for a guest.

First there’s the sight, then the smell and last but not least the feeling of the product on one’s own skin. In fact, our creations are the ones that get the closest contact to the individual so we understand the strategic importance of creating ever-lasting and pleasant memories that link a smell or a feel to a particular venue.

They say that getting the story is a story itself and we pride ourselves to be tireless story-hunters.

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