The legend

In 1380, legend tells that the father prior of the Carthusian Monastery of St. Giacomo learned Queen Giovanna has soon to arrive on the island of Capri.

He then began to create a flower arrangement with the most beautiful flowers on the island. Soon after, the water was not changed for three days and when the flowers were thrown away the prior noticed the water had acquired a fragrance unknown to him. He went to the father alchemist who then traced the origin of this scent back to the "Garofilum silvestre caprese".

This water became known as the first perfume of Capri.


The scent

On the other hand history portrays that in 1948 the prior of the Monastery discovered the ancient perfume formulas and with permission of the Pope, revealed them to a chemist deriving from Torino. He then began to construct the smallest laboratory in the world and so born was "Carthusia", i.e. "Certosa".

The tradition is now continued and the limited production methods used by the Carthusian monks are still in practice today. Only the Highest quality of products are used and while the essences are derived from rosemary which is picked by hand. In men's products, the essences are derived from rosemary which is picked on Monte Solaro, while the Capri wild carnation is used in women's fragrances.



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