C.O. Bigelow

C.O. Bigelow

Taking care of famous faces since 1838

C.O. Bigelow was originally founded in 1838 by Dr. Galen Hunter. Originally called the Village Apothecary Shop, it was later bought and renamed by Clarence Otis Bigelow in 1880. Mr. Bigelow worked alongside Dr. Hunter and eventually took over the shop.

For nearly two centuries Bigelow has been a destination for some of the country's most prominent personalities, from Mark Twain, Thomas Edison and Eleanor Roosvelt to modern silver screen starlets and esteemed writers, musicians and artists. C.O. Bigelow is, and always has been, a hot spot for those in the know.

At the turn of the century Samuel Clemens (akaka Mark Twain) filled his prescriptions at C.O. Bigelows.

C.O. Bigelow


Over the years, four of Dr. Hunter's master formulary books were found buried in the Bigelow archives. These hand-written treasures link us to old-world New York and hundreds of formulas that were developed in our apothecary for our customers. All Bigelow products were inspired by these books, and many of our recipes - including our legendary Lemon Body Cream and Rose Wonder Cold Cream - are modern day re-creations of Bigelow's original tried and true recipes.

Our original Formulary products are actual formulas dating back to 1838, that we have produced the way our pharmacists would have back in the early days. These Formularies have a history that tipically started with one formula for a specific purpose, characteristically requested by a physician for a patient. each formula was recorded by hand repeatedly in the pharmacist's book, so when asked for, it would be made exactly as before.

Eventually these formularies became common recipies for widespread use.

Little Chemist

"Little Chemist" is the ideal travel companion for kids of all ages, from 0 to 100 years old. Made with natural ingredients, the products are suitable for all skin types.

The colorful and original kit contains a relaxing bubble bath, a gentle shampoo/conditioner and a calming body cream in a 30 ml travel size. The "Little Chemist" kit also contains practical and refreshing wet wipes, to carry with you at all times for any need.


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