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Fashion, perfumery, art, design and architecture: this is La Bottega’s special creative alchemy, a total Italian philosophy. The art of combining tailored solutions with modern technologies and Italian inspirations with international flair make the experience with La Bottega unique. Every masterpiece is made of details. At La Bottega we understand such philosophy and have created a very comprehensive collection of elements to decorate and complement any hotel environment. Our made-to-measure approach allows complete customization and turn-key solutions for any property: understanding the uniqueness of each property means that, in some ways, we are like a designer and tailor combined into one, cutting and sewing a custommade dress, creating a unique, exclusive, bespoke “garment.”

La Bottega is a creative hub of ideas, design and production.
We are the couturiers of the hotel world.


Collections and articles

Biogreen collection involves the use of raw materials, textilesupport and high-quality polyurethanes, eco-sustainable fromrenewable sources. The biobased content of these polyurethanes is very high, which guarantees a lower environmental footprint compared to traditional polyurethanes obtained through fossil-deriving raw materials.

Writing articles: Availability of notebooks, notepads, memo blocks, sets of personalized sheets, pencils customizable with offset, hot or blind printing or serigraphy printing, pens customizable with serigraphy printing, bookmarks, badge folder, glass cleaning cloth, "do not disturb" door hanger.

Minibar: from eco-leather or bamboo fiber trays, to various paper complements, napkins, as well as water jugs, glasses, bottle openers, matches and ashtrays in thermosetting plastic or chromed steel.


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