A family business

The entrepreneurial venture began in 1968 when Gimmo Etro, the brand's visionary founder, launched a production of highly prestigious fabrics filled with original designs and innovative colour ways.

The famous Paisley motif made it's debut in 1981 across the very first textiles line. This symbol was seto to make history as Etro's signature print.

In 1984 the brand launched the leather goods and travel collection, complete with a Paisly jacquard fabric, which thanks to its special resin finish was to become synonumous with pure elegance.

The home accessories collection soon followed, transforming the company in to a lifestyle brand, whilst the Etro Fragrances range continued to grow, extending to 26 exclusive fragrances and a dedicated boutique.

A family that has made an art of textiles and fashion, if not a way of expression. Etro identifies above all with Gimmo (short for Gerolamo), its founder, although the company is also managed by his four children. Veronica Etro is the creative director of the Woman Collection. Ippolito Etro is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Kean Etro is the creative spirit and director of the Man Collection. Jacopo Etro is the Creative Director of the Etro Accessories and Leather, Home and Textiles Collections.


The Paisley

Paisley, the shapely cashmere design from which the Etro brand has blossomed, is an ancient decoration rich in history and meaning.

The droplet-shaped motif was born out of Mesopotamia, symbolizing the seed of the date palm: the real tree of life.

Etro constantly explores and reinterpreted the classic and natural motif through experimentation and technology.

Over the years the cashmere design has been illuminated with pop hues, fossilised, pulverised, corroded, overlapped, matched with flowers and stripes, enlarged or simply reduced to its original form.

A new design icon for the brand is born: the Etro Paisley.



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