Hudson Made

Hudson Made

Hudson Made

The concept

Hudson Made creates exceptional products that are made using the highest standards and methods and take pride in working with both local craftspeople and the farming community.
Using time-honored traditions and organic ingredients of the highest quality, they bring products that are as close to nature as possible.

By supporting Hudson Made, you’re contributing to artisans and their crafts across the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Hudson Made

The philosophy

Hudson Made believes that when we live in balance with nature we thrive and leave a softer footprint on the planet. So the products are crafted with plant and flower-sourced ingredients blended to maximize nature’s restorative power.

They believe nature offers the best solutions to every grooming and beauty need. In the effort to support local economies, they source many of our products and ingredients within 200 miles of the Hudson Valley area. They organically grow some of the botanicals used in our oil infusions, creating jobs and inspiring creativity.

Hudson Made products are free from synthetic compounds or toxic chemicals. Instead, they use flowers, vegetable oils, minerals and essential oils, each one carefully sourced and blended for their curative and balancing effects.

Hudson Made respects the environment and our natural resources. Every aspect of their business is environmentally conscious, from sourcing, production, products and packaging.

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Key to success:

Excellent unit economics
Affordable luxury
Strong brand equity
25+ Years immersed in the category
Aligning with like-minded artisans

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