Isula Parfums

Isula Parfums

The founders and creators of Isula

Stephanie is a Corsican, humanist, explorer and a little dreamy who loves to travel. She created the Isula brand in 2007 with the help of her mother. Trained as a perfume creator, she values all the richness of her land by highlighting her emotions in original and handcrafted creations.

Paolo is from Tuscany, a free-spirited economist in love with Corsica. He teamed up with Stéphanie in 2016 to bring his knowledge and in turn train in perfumery. Memories, plants, landscapes on the border between two countries are the inspiration for his creations.

Isula Parfums

Scents of an island

The thrill of a journey where mountains merge with the sea, where the culture is ancient, where time slows down and puts man back at the center in his pride, this is what exhales the soul of the Corsican land.

An insular olfactory signature is present, and sometimes hidden, in all fragrances.

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