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Travel has always been synonymous with discovery and personal enrichment. An experience that through colors, sounds and traditions significantly changes the way we see and experience everyday things. Novelty, unknown and surprise grow and evolve according to the places visited, the people known and those traditional elements that are perceived for the first time.

Welcome to the world of L'ERBALISTA - Body & Spirits, where nature and creativity combine in a unique way, creating a perfect combination for the body and the mind. Original combinations of fragrances interpret the most familiar body care products. At the same time, the olfactory notes are transformed into cocktail recipes with an unforgettable aroma. This is the magic of Oscar Q, one of the most talented mixologists in Europe for his ability to create unconventional Drinks. His originality lies in transforming these recipes into fragrances, giving the opportunity to be enveloped by a cloud of perfume that leads back to the pleasantness of the palate.

"When the body relaxes and sleeps, the spirit begins to fly and thanks to an aromatic memory you can make sudden and unexpected dream journeys"
O s c a r  Q .


Oscar Q

Oscar is one of the most talented Professional Nose currently based between Italy (Senigallia-Milan) and France (Paris). The core of his connection to the world of perfumes and spirits is strongly characterized by the sole use of natural elements – flowers, spices, perfumes that he artisanally combines to create the essence.
After many travels and experiences all around the world to enrich his natural talent, he had the opportunity to work with some prestigiuos Brands such as Hermes and Dior creating exclusive fragrances.
Oscar has made his own way not only by creating fragrances but by designing a guest experience journey: from unconventional drinks to unexpected fragrances and viceversa, from iconic fragrances to unique drinks and spirits.
Currently Oscar is known as one of the best mixologists in Europe.



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