Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze

Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze

A revolutionary maestro

Since the creation of his "Maison" - founded in 1990 in the 15th century family palazzo in Florence - Lorenzo Villoresi has traced a revolutionary path in artistic perfumery.

The underlying philosophy which led to the creation of the Perfumery and Home Fragrances collections is evident in the intrinsic value of the single elements that make up each product.

Lead crystal, alabaster from Volterra, travertine marble, carrara statuary marble, olive wood and Florentine leather, former prized materials of the granducal workshops of the Medici, give today a new life to this precious-born art.

Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze

Passion and challenge

Since his first voyage to the Middle East in 1981, Lorenzo Villoresi develops a passion for spices and essences that he uses, back Italy, to compose original pot-pourris and personalized fragrances. 
The proper business activity starts in 1990 when the newly born "Lorenzo Villoresi" firm receives an important order of pot-pourrit, scented candles and room fragrances from the Fendi house of fashion. After several important projects with famous names of the fashion business, in 1993 the first collection of Perfumes and Eau de Toilettes carrying the Lorenzo Villoresi brand sees the light.

In 2006 Lorenzo Villoresi wins the international perfumery award "Prix Coty" in Paris, the most important recognition of the artistic career of a perfumer.
In 2013, Lorenzo Villoresi in collaboration with Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci, has created the exclusive fragrance Forever Now by Gucci, for the Gucci Museum in Florence.
Between 2005 and 2006 he started renovating the old family palace in via de' Bardi. The palace will host an Academy/Museum of Perfumery, with courses, lectures, workshop etc. about the world of fragrances. There will also be an aromatic garden, a cafeteria, a shop and a collection of rare and unusual essences.

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The Atelier

It is like suddenly stepping into a Florentine workshop and uncovering centuries of experiences, alchemic weavings, and penetrating, evocative fragrances. Once over the threshold, an entire world opens up to reveal a complex web of strong cultural and family roots, a thousand reflections of distant lands and an indubitable sense of belonging to Florence, an ideal place for comparisons, challenges, the creation of art and processing of thoughts.

Lorenzo Villoresi's laboratory is nestled on the top floor of an ancestral family home looking onto the medieval development of Via de' Bardi, one of the most noble and ancient of Florentine streets. In a type of forge, surrounded by hundreds of essences in jars and small bottles lining the olivewood shelving, among stills and glass tubes, beakers and vials, hidden in the suffuse, friendly half-light, he forms his creations.


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