Mission, Vision & Values


La Bottega is a creative hub of storytelling for the hotel industry.

We explore ways to create new levels of equity by partnering with our customers on a consultative journey to add value to the guest experience. We discover hidden tales and translate them into unique shapes, senses and memories that define the essence of an intimate relationship between our customer and their guests. We offer a healthy and sustainable work environment where talent and diversity are our most precious assets.



We aim to be acknowledged in our marketplace for providing a bespoke guest experience through unforgettable design narratives that turn each property into a compelling story.

Our clients value our uniqueness and trust us as partners and consultants to their brand expression. Our carefully selected portfolio of licensed brands gives us prestige and allows us to suggest the best match to a client’s identity. Our greatest opportunity lies with the hotel guests, who yearn to relive the inebriating experience of a very special stay. 



Heritage. We are an Italian company and we are proud of it. We are grateful for the cultural and artistic capital we have inherited in a land where craftmanship is a precious asset to be passed on to the next generations.

Storytelling. We are the tailors in the Hotel Industry. Clients trust and value our unique ability to translate stories of places, legends and moods into compelling scents, shapes and colours that enhance their property.

Passion. We provide our services with determination, professionalism and care, promising to go the extra mile in a proactive way, always with a smile.

Fun. We work with passion, act professionally and have fun while we are doing it. 

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