Panier des Sens

Panier des Sens


Born in Marseille and nurtured from an early age in the gentle lifestyle of Provence, Panier des Sens founder Jérôme Lambruschini, grew up in the shade of the cypress trees and mimosas of the Southern Alps region.

His grand-father passed down his passion for trees, the vegetable garden and nature. As for his mother, she instilled in him her love for the earth and perfumes.

It is from this dual inspiration, both Mediterranean and maternal, that you can find today in every Panier des Sens product, whose first collections came out in 2001.

Panier des Sens


Inspired by the gentle lifestyle of the South of France, Panier des Sens range of care, toiletries and perfumes illustrate Provence through fragrant and natural collections.

Their natural formulas benefit all skin types, and abide by a strict formulation charter, always giving precedent to vegetal and organic natural ingredients.

The packaging, floral and carefully designed, are also eco-conceived.

The ranges of lotions, soaps and perfumes magnify the beauty of Provence through elegant products with subtle textures and delicate fragrances from Grasse.

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Soothing Almond / Extract of Sweet Almond from Provence

Protected in a soft and green velvet shell, almond evoking both bitterness and softness, contains incredible cosmetic properties. The kernel softens and soothes the skin. Almond oil with incredible softness and optimum skin tolerance is rich in vitamins A and E, deeply moisturizes and nourishes. Typically known for sensitive skin and is often used for babies. Soothes and relieves discomfort while helping the skin to regain its balance and natural protection.


Soothing Provence. With Essential Oils from Provence

True concentrate of Provence, this formula made of essential oils of lemon, artemisiaand cypress essential oils, combines fruity and stimulating fragrances.


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