Pure Altitude

Pure Altitude

Edelweiss and beauty

It all began with the spa at the Fermes de Marie, where the treatment protocols were put into place and tested to cater specifically to the expectations of the mountain spa clientele.

Alongside the development of the spas, the desire to create an own brand gained momentum…

The creation of an alpine garden at the Fermes de Marie was the trigger.

By observing the regeration mechanism of mountain plants, the determination to create a skincare range became a reality with the birth of Pure Altitude in 2000.
With its exclusive anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties, the edelweiss naturally stood out as the key ingredient, the brand's emplem, contained in all the formulas.

Today, Pure Altitude is a brand that offers effective, natural skincare products, an independent brand that offers an alternative to traditional skincare.

Pure Altitude


A selection of plants and ingredients which are found in extreme conditions and that have the ability to survive in the most hostile environments. Chosen for their high level of active ingredients, these natural ingredients act on cell regeneration (Edelweiss, Artic berries, Finnish birch, etc...).

Technical expertise
Treatments formulated by our laboratories at the cutting edge of plant-based dermo-cosmetics.
Our formulas meet 3 criteria (the 3P System developed by Pure Altitude):
Purity, Power and Perfection.

Luxurious textures and heavenly fragrances, to become immersed in a sensorial world that favours "letting go".

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