ROIL (A little bit ROYAL with a touch of OIL) embodies ancient wisdom reinvented for the millennial lifestyle.

Roil is a lifestyle brand with different facets that all harmonize together: travel, style, products, and salons for discerning clientele. As both the industry and society continue to evolve, there is an ever-growing desire for natural formulas that are beneficial to our bodies and the environment. This aspect of the brand reflects Roil's commitment to aligning beauty with social consciousness.

By artfully blending a passion for color, a fervor for fragrance, and an instinctive understanding of luxury, British-born celebrity colorist and international salon owner Amanda George joins forces with her husband, travel and luxury industry guru Emad Ghobrial, to open a new portal into the olfactory sphere with the launch of Roil.



A long-time lover of oils, Amanda George is renowned in the hair and beauty industry for using healthy hair treatments on her clientele by custom blending both locally grown and exotic oils. Over the years she has become a strong devotee and specialist with this practice. All ROIL products integrate a select group of curated oils, blended into each formula to naturally benefit the hair and skin.

Cold-pressed Rose Hip Oil, great for skin on a cellular level, is the secret behind many celebrity glows.

Coconut Oil, full of vitamin E, keeps hair and skin supple with silkiness due to its fatty acid structure.

Amla Oil (or Indian Gooseberry Oil), Amanda’s favorite of all, is one of the most potent forms of Vitamin C on the planet and has been included in all ROIL products; simply put, it’s a miracle oil.

Sandalwood is a sophisticated and familiar scent that has been used in India and Asia for thousands of years. The creators of Roil chose this fragrance, from their love of yoga and meditation.

The blend is sensual, woody, and sexy, yet reserved, and also known for its ability to enhance clarity and focus.



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