Rossano Ferretti

Rossano Ferretti

A story of beauty

Italian-born Rossano Ferretti, with his natural instinct for beauty, operates super luxury salons and business operations across the world, from Milan to Madrid, New York to Parma, Vienna to Geneva, Rome to Dubai and Miami to Paris.

The creation of the The Method – Rossano Ferretti’s personal hair beauty concept – led to a revolution in understanding of hair: the “invisible haircut” that falls naturally, enhancing the individual beauty of every client.

For more than 25 years, Rossano Ferretti has driven the hairdressing industry with his interpretation of individual beauty. He has changed the way people perceive haircutting and hair salons with his Hair Spas, combining the most beautiful worldwide locations and ‘The Method.’

In 2008, Rossano Ferretti became the international spokesperson for L’Oreal Professional Luxury Brands, where he became the key Maestro for the industry and helped Loreal launch many of their top hair brands. In 2018, Rossano Ferretti became the first and only Global Ambassador for Coty, famous for owning such brands as Wella, GHD and OPI as well as the Global Ambassador for Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Rossano is also the star of his own TV show, in Italy, ‘Hairmasters’ and he continues to be a major influence in the hair industry as the foremost Industry expert and always in demand with top journalists and magazines as the hairdressing Guru.

Rossano Ferretti

THE METODO (‘Method’)

The Rossano Ferretti Metodo cut is totally unique in the world of hairdressing in that it is different compared to all other styles of haircutting and not available anywhere except from a Metodo Director in a Rossano Ferretti Salon.

It was developed by Rossano Ferretti and his sister Lorenza, based on many years of hairdressing experience across the world and was designed to offer a different way of hair cutting that brought to life the unique character of each individuals hair.  As such it did not require the hair to conform to a set style but the haircut is adapted to the style and nature of the hair and the individual.

The haircut works in harmony with the hair and not against it and hence is known in the industry as “the invisible haircut”.

The Metodo is a unique service and hence something that no other competitive hair salon can offer.  It is one of the key Unique Selling Points (USP) of the salon and the brand.

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Award winning products

The Rossano Ferretti products have won multiple awards across the globe thanks to their innovative formulation, super results and also the amazing and unique scents.

They are a revolutionary combination of the best natural ingredients, the latest technology and Italian heritage.


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