Saint Charles

Saint Charles

The story

The pharmacy was founded in 1886 by pharmacist Alfred Blumenthal and has its location in the heart of the Viennese Mariahilf district, Nr. 30 Gumpendorfer Straße. Since the 19th November 2006 we have been called SAINT CHARLES, with various familial entanglements and traditional European medicine being the main cause. On that same day the Saint Charles Cosmothecary (natural cosmetics) and the Alimentary (inn) were born.

What´s all this for? It´s quite simple: they can process the herbs they find on their doorstep into medicines, cosmetics or things to eat. Alexander Ehrmann, a sixth generation pharmacist, continues the family tradition at Saint Charles. He is a descendant of Martin Ehrmann, who in 1861 played an important role in the founding of the “Allgemeine österreichische Apothekerverein” (General Austrian Chemist’s Association) and who had numerous publications and books on pharmaceutical products and preparations.

Saint Charles

The Philosophy

For decades the Ehrmann family, pharmacist Klaus Ehrmann, a true pioneer in the field of pharmacy, now together with his son, pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann, have been developing a wide range of house specialties largely based on the use of natural ingredients. Until June 2008 these were exclusively available in our pharmacy (and at a few associated pharmacies in Austria, who have since become our friends). Through the intensive use of traditional European medicine and the influence of many innovative activities, such as the first pharmacy restaurant in Europe and special cosmetics shops, the Cosmothecaries, a wealth of very special possibilites was opened to us. Thus, over recent decades a wide product range has emerged, tangibly and entirely according to our motto “Right to the Roots”.

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