The essential attention

Deservedly regarded as an essential complement to the relaxation and comfort of your guests, slippers take on a special role because they speak firsthand about the experience offered in your facility.
Innovative materials, attentive to the protection of the environment and the circular economy. Versatile models in a wide range that allow multiple customizations, making your product always unique. From the fun and colorful flip-flops for the pool to the soft and cozy room slippers, discover and customize the model that best suits your guests.


Slippers collection

Microfibre: The most popular model, in soft microfibre, appreciated for comfort and the vast number of variants available. The sole of the slippers is made of water-repellent and non-slip
material, it can be printed, colored or in E.V.A. The customization of the slippers can be done through transfer printing, embroidery, embroidered fabric label, satin ribbon and side label.

100% Natural Cotton collection: These slippers are entirely made without the use of plastics, they are completely biodegradable and produced in Europe. The soles are made with materials such as cork, jute and pressed cardboard, making them the ultimate green solution. The green collection allows the choice of the sole between pressed cardboard, cork and jute. Being natural materials, the actual color of the sole may slightly vary from the explanatory photo. Customization can be done with embroidery, label, embroidered fabric or side label.

Spa collection: Discover the versatility of 100% natural materials such as woven rattan and bamboo and the wide range of models for a complete green experience.

Pool collection: Make your moments special with the colorful flip flops, which are fully customizable and adaptable to any occasion of use. The customizations of the flip flops can be in silk-screen printing, photographic printing and V-top printing.


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