The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice

The arts of perfumery

The Merchant Of Venice represents the Art of Perfumery of Venice. It draws attention to the everlasting role of the city as an essential force in the perfumery tradition throughout the world, and it is intended to highlight the tradition that made Italy, and particularly Venice, central to the history of perfumery.

The Merchant Of Venice is a luxury line that offers a large assortment of exclusive Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, along with body care and household products and accessories.

The Merchant of Venice


The Merchant of Venice enshrines the important and rich heritage of the Venetian perfumery tradition.

It reinterprets the formulae of ancient compositions in a modern and totally innovative key by enabling the wearer to enter a multi-sensorial world, one made of rare flowers and spices.

The fragrances speaks about the long journeys from the fascinating cities of the Orient to the enchantment of Venice, the main destination of the ancient Mediterranean routes.

The spices, the aromas, and the rare essences were expertly selected by merchants from among those that were most aspired and precious.

The masterly expertise of the time honoured Venetian traditions turns an enchanted journey into a dream.

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